Order Process

Do I have to setup a free profile to order my prescriptions?

-Yes! Completing your secure profile will not only expedite your checkout process and keep a history of all of your orders, it will also assist the pharmacy to better assist you with any possible inquiries. If you need help in completing your profile please call us at 855-346-0944.  

How do I order my medications?

-Quick and easy process. We provide our patients with three different methods to placing their orders. 1- I don’t have a prescription, what do I do? Create a profile and ask your physician to send your prescription to our pharmacy via escript. 2- I have my prescription. Great! Upload a picture or a copy of your prescription and one of our board-certified licensed pharmacists will follow up with your physician directly to verify it is a valid prescription. 3- I have refills left on my prescription but its at another pharmacy. Not a problem at all. Provide us with the contact information of your pharmacy and we will obtain the information to transfer the prescription.

Is a prescription required to fill my order?

-Yes. A current and valid prescription is necessary to fill your medication

Oops, I made a mistake on my order. Can I return it?

- We are unable to accept returns on prescription medications. If you feel an error was made when filling the medication, we ask that you call the pharmacy or contact us at info@allmedrx.org.

How much of my prescription can I order?

-It is essential that the correct quantity and dosage is noted on the prescription. By storing your prescription information on your profile, we will only be able to dispense the amount prescribed by your doctor.

I have a question, what do I do?

-We are here to help! Please call us at 855-346-0944 or email us at support(@) allmedrx.net.

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