Who is allMedRx Specialty Pharmacy?

We are a Brick and Mortar, Mom and Pop - individually owned neighborhood pharmacy. Specializing in low-cost generic drugs and helping all individuals be able to afford their medications! We are a physical establishment in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida that will provide you with direct access to a Pharmacists and pharmacy staff to better answer your inquiries. We have expanded our pharmacy to have an online portal and be accessible from the comforts of your own home with delivery at your doorstep. 

Is allMedRx Specialty Pharmacy a secure and legitimate online Pharmacy?

-Our patient’s security and privacy are of utmost importance. Confidentiality is imperative to all parties involved. We use a merchant processing company specialized in keeping our client’s data secure. In conjunction, our HIPPA compliant pharmacy is LegitScript certified providing our customers an extra layer of security. Please do note that we will only share your personal data with your permission for the purpose of processing payment and filling prescriptions. We will not sell your data to a third party.

Oops, I made a mistake on my order. Can I return it?

- We are unable to accept returns on prescription medications. If you feel an error was made when filling the medication, we ask that you call the pharmacy or contact us at

Can I use my health insurance?

-We are not accepting insurance at this time.

I have an emergency, what should I do?

-In case of an emergency, immediately call 911.

Your child’s safety is of paramount importance!

-You are an extension of our family. We request you store all medication out of children’s sight and reach with a child latch or lock.

How much of my prescription can I order?

-It is essential that the correct quantity and dosage is noted on the prescription. By storing your prescription information on your profile, we will only be able to dispense the amount prescribed by your doctor.

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