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AllmedRx Specialty Pharmacy is a neighborhood pharmacy that you can rely on no matter where you are in the nation*. We are proudly licensed in 46 States which means our practice will not be limited to our home state but expands nationally to our patients’ home state as well. As a neighborhood pharmacy, we value the traditional care and customer services that have been implemented over the past 50 years and continue to provide an unparalleled online pharmacy service to our valued patients.

What makes AllmedRx stands out from other pharmacies is our advances in technology that allow us to provide a more accessible care to our patients via our virtual platform. Our pharmacists are skilled in all areas and involved in the advanced pharmacy practice experience program with local pharmacy schools to educate young pharmacists.

Most importantly, we are passionate about administering quality medications to treat the conditions that ail our patients; and allMedRx provides premier customer service to champion an exceptional patient experience.

Our Mission

AllmedRx’s mission is to make generic FDA approved prescription medications more accessible to patients. All medications are produced in the USA. We are a trustworthy pharmacy to our community, locally and nationally, where patients can rely on low medication prices without compromising quality.

Our Vision

AllmedRx Specialty Pharmacy’s vision is to ensure all patients are provided with affordable medication and patient-centered care through our services.

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